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Our off-licence is open in downtown Amberley - 12 Markham Street (SH73).

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday       From 4 pm - 7 pm


We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Beer to Go - our off licence and will be selling fresh beer (filling riggers and growlers) and cans. The Amberley 4 Square, Amberley Super Liquor and Pukeko Junction Wine Centre all carry a good range of our beers.

Cans are the future - here's why

Cans do not allow light into the beer. - Light is a beer’s worst enemy, and one of the worst things about bottles is that they all allow some wavelengths of light through.

Cans = less oxygen = fresher beer - With good CO2 purging before filling, there is a lot less oxygen in a can.

Cans cool down much quicker than glass bottles. – Because metal is a good conductor. Just throw them in a freezer (or the sea) for 5 minutes, and your beer will cool.

Cans are much more efficient to package. - As most freight is calculated on weight, bottles are a waste of money and resources.

Cans are produced and recycled in NZ. Bottles are often imported and only sometimes recycled. (Glass is not recycled from the South Island of NZ)

Cans are allowed in most sports venues, music venues etc - glass bottles are often prohibited. They are also light in your back-pack.

Think of a can as your own mini-keg > use a glass to drink out of!


Cans = fresher beer (drink beer fresh – cellar your wine not your beer!)

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